Taste Wine-Beer-Kitchen

Taste Wine-Beer-Kitchen in Long Beach to start construction on new parklet

Neighborhood restaurant to add outdoor seating, per guests' requests

About Taste Wine-Beer-Kitchen and Olives Gourmet Grocer

Taste Wine-Beer-Kitchen opened in 2015, bringing daring, Southern California seasonal cuisine to Broadway in Long Beach, Calif. Owners Laurie Semon and Erin O'Hagan have made a name for themselves seeking the highest quality ingredients, produce and meats, in order to give customers the ultimate culinary journey. Taste has also paired with local breweries, bakers and gardens in order to provide the freshest local ingredients to its customers. Semon and O'Hagan's grab-and-go market, Olives Gourmet Grocer, opened in 2004, with a focus on providing quick and friendly service, along with chef-inspired recipes. Olives was named the "Best Caterer" by the Long Beach Post.

Long Beach, Calif. (September 5, 2019) ---              

Long Beach's freshest dining option, Taste Wine-Beer-Kitchen, is getting a brand-new outdoor addition to complement its seasonal menus. Construction starts soon on a parklet, set to open within the next month in front of the Broadway favorite, as well as its sister market, Olives Gourmet Grocer. For the first time, Taste will offer its loyal diners a chance to sit down outside, relax and bring their dogs to enjoy its famous seasonal Southern California cuisine. There will be 21 seats available on the new parklet with overhead sail shades to keep guests cool. While Taste customers will get to sample chef-inspired specialties and favorites, like the restaurant's famous brisket burger, the parklet will serve as outdoor seating, and for the first time, table service for breakfast and lunch for sister concept, Olives Gourmet Grocer, during the day. "We are so excited to give our customers a new, outdoor option that allows them to meet up with friends or just people watch. Our guests at Taste and Olives want to be a part of what's happening on Broadway and this parklet will make that happen," said owners and managers Laurie Semon and Erin O'Hagan. "Long Beach's parklet program gives us a chance to connect with the community in a different way."

To continue celebrating the new parklet, Taste plans to bring its signature, high-quality ingredients to a new brunch menu in the spring. The seasonally inspired menu will feature fresh, local produce. There will also be a menu for brunch companions of the four-legged sort. Combined with the specialty ingredients and seasonal menus, the parklet will give Taste customers the ideal venue to host holiday parties and other special events outside. The parklet was approved by the Long Beach City Council on July 8 and is being designed and built by JR van Dijs Inc. Salvage Division of Long Beach. Taste is located at 3506 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803.

The restaurant opened in 2015 with a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients driven by the seasonal ingredients available at farmer's markets in Southern California. Taste's menu is a culinary journey, designed to challenge the palate. Semon and O'Hagan's attention to detail ensures that meals are cooked to specifically reflect the time of year. For example, there are slow, simmering braises in the winter, as opposed to grilled meats and raw fish in the summer. Now in the height of summer season, menu items include the Market Peach Salad with Reiger Farms peaches, whipped feta, arugula, balsamic prosciutto and hazelnuts, along with the House-Made Pappardelle Pasta with yellow squash and saffron sauce, zucchini, confit tomatoes, basil and Urfa chilis.

The menu is comprised of several sections, where guests can sample dishes from sections that include: snacks, from the garden, for the table and the to finish section, full of desserts. To learn more: click here.